Welcome from Stephen Young - Director of Growth, Environment, Transport and Community Services

Lancashire is a great council to work with some of the greatest economic and place shaping opportunities anywhere in the UK. We are blessed with some of the best countryside in England as well as having close proximity to the Lake District in the north and Greater Manchester in the south.

These are two big jobs with many challenges. We serve a broad mix of communities in Lancashire, from those where the opportunities and environment is judged to give some of the best quality of life in the country, to some of the most challenged areas in terms of deprivation. You will however find an active partnership of public and private sector bodies willing to engage with you and help in place shaping and creating the best opportunities we can for the people of Lancashire.

These jobs are wide-ranging covering a range of specialisms and challenges whilst at the same time presenting a unique and once in a career opportunity to work on projects such as Eden of the North, the HS2 Preston Hub and the delivery of major new highway infrastructure.

You will work in a supportive environment with the elected councillors and management team very closely aligned and supportive of what we truly see as a shared agenda.

The Chief Executive, Angie Ridgwell, is newly in post as am I, as Executive Director of Growth, Environment, Transport and Community Services. We are part of a new and energetic corporate management team and are looking for inspirational leaders to drive our aspirations in this area. Lancashire is a big and ambitious council and the successful candidates will be given lots of opportunity to grow and develop.

If you wish to help us and our partners deliver on what are truly transformational and once in a career projects, I would love to hear from you.